Compañía Española de Técnica Aeronáutica, S.A. (CETA), recognizing the importance of boosting its operations in the marketing and promotion of defense and security aeronautical brands, products, and services, as well as the management of the support service for the life cycle of aeronautical equipment, is committed to ensuring maximum quality in all its activities. This commitment is reflected in the establishment of this quality policy, as well as the company's quality objectives.

CETA's Quality Policy is defined as our unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in all our relationships with customers and suppliers.

We work focused on fulfilling the contractual requirements agreed with our customers and suppliers by strictly following procedures, the Quality Manual, quality standards, and any other applicable documents. We understand that this is a shared responsibility among all our staff.

CETA is committed to providing a responsible, integral, flexible, and agile service that meets the diverse needs of the aeronautical and defense market.

All CETA personnel understand and embrace the company's quality policy, as well as the importance of committing to and complying with customer requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. Our approach is based on teamwork,info​rmation flow, internal communication, and continuous training.

We recognize the importance of being involved in all processes of the quality system to drive continuous improvement in our processes and the quality of our services.

​To achieve all this, the General Management commits to providing the necessary resources and means to implement this policy and ensure that it is known, understood, and applied at all levels of the organization and by all stakeholders.

We consider quality as a strategic element in our organization. Aware of this, one of our fundamental objectives is to raise awareness and motivate our professionals about the importance of establishing and developing a quality system. We also commit to implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving our processes and ensuring the full satisfaction of our customers, ensuring that our services meet their expectations and requirements, all based on the UNE-EN 9120:2018 standard.

General Manager