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Compañía Española de Técnica Aeronáutica S.A. turns 60

On November 22, 1961, a group of partners that segregated from the helicopter manufacturer Aerotécnica S.A. ( established the company Compañía Española de Técnica Aeronáutica SA (CETA) with a share capital of ten million pesetas, invested in a fleet of 16 crop spraying aircrafts model PA18 "Super Cub ”and 5 ea PA25“ Pawnee ”  manufactured by Piper Aircrafts

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The corporate purpose of the new company focused on "... everything related to or derived from aeronautical technology"


With its registered office at Calle Doctor Esquerdo in Madrid, its base of operations was in Córdoba, in the San Jerónimo field (next to the Medina Azahara archaeological site).


It has been 60 very exciting years with important milestones in Spanish general aviation:

First large general aviation maintenance center in Spain: In February 1963, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) awarded the Aeronautical Maintenance Center No. 6 of all of Spain, with extensive capabilities to repair cell, power plant, propellers, accessories and instruments where equipment from all the major general aviation brands Piper, Cessna, Lycoming, Rolls Royce, Hartzell, etc. was distributed and supported.


First private avionics and instruments workshop in Spain: with the capacity to repair all types of avionics systems and instruments, of the brands King Radio, Narco, etc.

CETA was one of the pioneering Spanish companies in the fight against insect pests as well as the prevention and fight against fires with aerial means

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The leading Spanish company in photogrammetry work, CETA had several airplanes adapted for aerial photogrammetry dedicated to mapping the earth's surface at different scales.


As well as restitution devices, large and heavy devices, for the physical reconstruction at scale of the position of the frames at the time of shooting