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On November 22, 1961, a group of aviation passionate established COMPAÑÍA ESPAÑOLA DE TÉCNICA AERONÁUTICA with the purpose of being active “…on everything related or derived from aeronautical technologies...

And with this goal, CETA has reached some of the most relevant milestones of the Spanish aviation:

  • First large general aviation maintenance center (MRO) in Spain (1963) including avionics and instruments workshop, cell, power plant and propellers;

  • Pioneers in the use of aircrafts for crop spraying and firefighting;

  • First Spanish company in photogrammetry work;

  • One of the first Spanish “air taxi” operators and deeply involved in the distributing and support of business aircrafts.

  • First to introduce GPS based navigation systems for general aviation;

  • First to introduce RPAS (SUAS) that were deployed within the international peacekeeping operation by the Spanish Armed Forces in Afghanistan (2007)

You can read the full history of our company at:

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