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Quantix™ Recon is a powerful, simple-to-use UAV that delivers rapid, automated reconnaissance and hands-free data collection. Mapping and scouting tasks are effortless with its fully-automated takeoff, flight and landing functions—even first-time users can successfully operate it. With its Radio Frequency (RF) Silent Mode, Quantix Recon flies undetected and undeterred by jammers to deliver accurate, up-to-date maps within minutes for quick mission planning and verification. Its on-board processing provides georeferenced, high-resolution imagery on the user’s tablet as soon as Quantix Recon lands—no other devices, internet or software required. Due to its innovative hybrid design, Quantix Recon outperforms traditional quadcopters in range and efficiency. That means you can cover more ground faster and obtain aerial maps of remote, inaccessible areas and rapidly changing environments to ensure the safety of ground troops.

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RANGE 2 km radio limit (up to 40 km without radio link)

MISSION COVERAGE Linear: 20 km roundtrip (out & back); 40 km one way max. Area: 3.24 km2 max. @ 800 ft

PROPULSION 4 direct electric drive motors

WEIGHT 5 lb (2.3 kg)

MAX ALTITUDE 7,500 ft (2,286 m) MSL (Density Altitude)

WIND LIMIT 20 mph (9 m/s)

DATA STORAGE On-board SD card

COMMUNICATIONS 900 MHz Encrypted & wifi

NAVIGATION Automatic navigation—Area, Waypoint, Linear

TEMPERATURE 0–120 °F (-17–49 °C)

LAUNCH AND RECOVERY Vertical takeoff and landing

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