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PUMA LE (Long Endurance)

At just 23.5 pounds, this ultra-lightweight Group 2 aircraft is launchable by hand or bungee and provides up to 6.5 hours flight endurance, delivering Group 2 capabilities in a Group 1 footprint while stowed efficiently in a two-case mission packout. Puma LE is All Environment and provides an operational range of 60 km in land and maritime environments when used with our Long-Range Tracking Antenna. The secondary payload bay offers dedicated power and Ethernet, providing 3.4 lb of payload capacity in addition to the integrated Mantis i45 gimbaled EO/IR sensor and NVG-visible laser illuminator for expanded mission capabilities. Its plug-and-play, interoperable LRU components can be shared across other Puma AE aircraft.

LINK RANGE 20 km standard antenna, 60 km with LRTA ENDURANCE 5.5 hr with Mantis i45 6.5 hr with Mantis i45 and optional Puma Smart 2500 Battery**

SPEED Cruise: 47 km/h (25 kts), Dash: 76 km/h (41 kts) OPERATING ALTITUDE 300–500 ft (91–152 m) AGL, typical Max. launch 10K ft (3,048 m) MSL

TOTAL PAYLOAD CAPACITY 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)**

LAUNCH METHOD Hand-launched, bungee or vehicle launch RECOVERY METHOD Autonomous or manual skid landing



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