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TALON - Multi-Mission EOD Robot

For 20 years TALON robots have been used worldwide for explosive ordnance disposal, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, reconnaissance, defense, security and rescue missions. TALON has earned a reputation for durability, flexibility and performance in keeping the Military, first responders and civilians out of harm’s way.


Key Features and Benefits

IOP and SAE JAUS AS4 compliant

Easy to maintain and repair

Highly mobile

Rugged and reliable

Configurable for combat engineers, EOD, CBRN

Heavy-lift, multiple degree-of-freedom manipulator arm User-defined graphical interface and programmable manipulator presets

Autonomy and mapping

High-definition video

Powerful, secure, digital encrypted communications Flexible controller options

Keeps the Military, law enforcement and first responders away from danger

Provides real-time information and situational awareness to support critical and often dangerous missions and ground operations

Reduces cost of life cycle support logistics

Saves live

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